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We have leading Research Analysts who are working on In-house "Harmonic Price & Time Study". This method is a "Lead" Indicator generating advance signals compare to other’s Technical laggard indicators which most of other analysts are using in the Industry.

Stock Benefits Financial Services is a pioneering Research Advisory and Coaching having a team of specialized financial market analysts having massive experience in carrying out capital market research. We deliver reliable tips and advices for stocks, future and option (F&O) traded in the NSE and BSE, commodities such as bullion and metals traded in the MCX and NCDEX. We offer daily and weekly reports having stock and commodity market overview that assists the investors to identify with the trends of the market and assists in taking smart decisions.

"Stock market works on Mathematical Calculations & Sentiments". If your research model generates accurate levels for entry & exit; it’s just the risk-management which is left to be controlled. Profit is a by-product of this discipline which is bound to come; if the above two is followed consistently.

To provide the best value for money to clients through personalised service, best trading and investment strategies and selling and funding techniques and today's technologies. We at Stock Benefits Financial Services believe that our services combined with our investor's trust will lead to a prosperous Stock Benefits Financial Services family.

To provide the best Research i.e. Trading & Investment Ideas & Option Strategies to our clients for their consistent short-term & long-term capital growth. To provide personalized services to our clients to achieve their financial goals & Objectives post understanding their risk capacity.

To be a prominent destination to strengthen the Prosperity of its Clients, Investors, Associates and Employees, always. Maximize our client’s capital by giving them the best services & assistance & reach the highest number of clients. We want to earn and be worthy of our customer's trust and provide them with the finest Indian Stock Market Tips.

Our Research team consists of highly qualified analysts including CFAs, MBAs (Finance), CAs, Engineers and analytical experts who are skilled and impeccable in their analysis. These analysts, using their experience and latest software, are able to predict the movements in Equity/Commodity market in time and with a very high accuracy. As a result, using our tips, our clients gain the most out of the financial markets.

Our Business Development team is a bunch of highly dedicated and committed individuals who are trained to support the clients and solve their queries. We also have a 24X7 customer support staff for an uninterrupted service to our clients. Our main goal is to provide accurate and timely calls (tips) to our clients, where the clients can earn handsome profit.

Customers Testimonials

Customers Testimonials

Dear Team, I am too happy with anita ma'am and Stock Benifits Team. I know the bank nifty / Nifty market is Subject to high capital Risk. Where can give 100% returns and loss also I agree my capital rais my risk capacity.. Only I need support the same with anita ma'am and Stock Benifits Company

- Imtiyaz

Dear Stockbenifits Team. This is to keep you informed, that, your research & services is of high accuracy. And I am happy with ruchi Ma'am & Stockbenifits firm, so far. I rate to your services, 10 out of 10. And I know very well that Market is Subject to high capital Risk where it can give 100% returns and loss I don't have any problem to your and Ruchi Ma'am services. I am satisfied with ur service, that's why I have decided to subscribe ur service for 17 month. I agree to bear my All capital Risk ..only I expect to the same assist in further.

- Rahul Gupta

dear Stock benifits Team, I would like to Inform that i am too happy & Satisfied with your Running Service 36500+ Gst & Ruchi Ma'am that's why i want to upgrade my service 72500 for half early package. i know very well the market is subject to high capital risk where it can give 100% loss and Returns Also. still i don't have any problem to work with Ruchi ma'am and with your Service, and i had Agreed your term & Condition so i ready to bear my all capital Risk and i will Always trade with my capital Risk only i need your Support as per your Research. If will rate to your service then 10 out 10. thanks regards
Omkar Singh

- Omkar Singh

Dear Stock benifit Team, i would like to inform that i am too happy & satisfied with your running service 36500+Gst & Sweety maam That's why i want to upgrade my service 72500 for half yearly package. i know very well the market is subject to high capital Risk where it can give 100% loss and returns Also. still i dont have any problem to work with Sweety ma'am and with your service. and i had agreed your term & condition,so i Ready to bear my all Capital Risk and i will always Trade with my capital, only i need your support as per your Research. if will rate to your service then 10 out 10
Thanks regards
Ajay Gupta

- Ajay Gupta

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  • In order to receive any services from us it is mandatory that first you should provide correct information about your Risk Profile through our website to check suitability of services
  • Please do not opt for service or make any payment without filling Risk profile details on our website as it is your responsibility as well and it is also important for you to get right advice and services.
  • We do not accept part payments against any of our services, in case if any short or excess amount is paid against any of our service mentioned on our website then number of days for opted service will be adjusted according to actual service fees.
  • Trading and Investment in Security & Commodity Market is subject to Market Risk, please note that your capital is at RISK.
  • Please do not make payment via Cash or payment gateway, kindly do the payment only through direct credit in Stock Benefits Financial Services account VIA NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI or by account payee cheque or DD.
  • Past Performance & Records of advice do not guarantee future profit or Future Performance.
  • Before taking any Stock Benefits Financial Services services or recommendations clients should go through all the Policies, Disclaimer, and Disclosure and Terms & Conditions.
  • Stock Benefits Financial Services provide fees only service for products/plan which are mentioned on our website and we do not have any telegram or personal Whatsapp facilities for services and communication.
  • We do not offer product/services which are not mentioned on our website for example Guaranteed or Assured Returns Services, Profit or Loss Sharing, Portfolio Management, Bucket Trading or loss recovery, lock in period or Demat Account Services etc.
  • If any person communicate you about any such services kindly call us immediately on +91-7400041121 or email us at contact@stockbenfits.com
  • If any person mislead you or guide you to deviate you from all these important points then call us immediately on +91-7400041121 or email us at contact@stockbenfits.com
  • Our SEBI Registration number is: INA100007745.
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